Saturday, December 26, 2009

Top Ten Artists of the Decade

So I am starting a series to New Years with Top Ten Lists of the Decade, and my Top Ten Movies of 2009. So here are my top ten musical artists of the decade.

10. Dixie Chicks - They were the spunky Grammy superstars, who wouldn't just shut up and sing, and were thankful for it. After Natalie offended country music, and showed the world just how ignorant country music radio stations are (I love how they banned them for exercising their right of freedom of speech). They came back with a vengance, and their hit "I'm Not Ready to Make Nice" showed the world you can't stop the unmovable force that is the Dixie Chicks.

9. Alicia Keys - She was an instant sensation with her debut album, but no one could have predicted the monstrous success that would follow, with the recent release of her fourth album, Alicia Keys has proven that an old school vibe, and a God-given musical talent is really all you need to survive in a musical world that has thrived on Auto-Tune.

8. Coldplay - For a long time they were a quiet British band with an alternative vibe. In the last decade Coldplay has exploded and its members are now pop superstars. They are also Grammy darlings having won Record of the Year for their endearing "Clocks", and continue to see their stock in the music world skyrocket, leaving everyone wondering what they will do next.

7. Kelly Clarkson - There was a need to fill a vacuum of a pop princess, and instead we got Kelly Clarkson...thank God! Kelly has proven to be a pop goddess, but has done it with style. Her hit "Since U Been Gone" is the pop anthem of this decade. She has fire, spunk, and a rock style that has transformed and shaped the new face of pop music.

6. Carrie Underwood - Forget Taylor Swift, the real country music superstar of the last decade was really Carrie. American Idol is usually back end of jokes, but with Kelly, and now Carrie, it has proven to be a hitmaker. Carrie has pushed Country back into the mainstream with style, rock influence, and pure talent.

5. Jay-Z - While the 90's were the launching ground of the new King of Brooklyn, the 2000's were proof of his longevity. Even after his so-called "retirement", Hov has released two more hit albums, done collaborations, and climbed back to the peak of the music world. I'm pretty sure there's still tons of loves in the heart of the city for Hova, despite what he may say.

4. Kanye West - Yes Mr. President, Kanye West is a cocky, arrogant jackass. Since his game-changing debut in "The College Dropout", West has transformed the music world, and produced three of the best rap albums of all time. No matter his attitude, you cannot deny the impact of Mr. West on the last decade.

3. Green Day - With two megahit albums in one decade, Green Day is at the peak of the modern rock world. They also send a message with every song, well thought out, and controversial, and yet still garner plenty of support. That is what breeds music immortality, or at least we hope so.

2. Outkast - Funky, Southern, crazy, outrageous, etc. Whatever you want to call them Andre 3000 and Big Boi completely transformed the rap game with their fast, Faulknerian rhymes that makes Lil Wayne look like he's in the minor leagues. While no new projects are in the near future, this generation will forever be singing Hey Ya! forever, and ever, ever.

1. Beyonce - Music Superstar. The biggest artist of this last decade just received 10 Grammy nominations for "I Am...Sasha Fierce". She went from one of the biggest girl groups of all time, to one of the biggest solo artists. Fame isn't everything, so thank God that she has a shitload of talent, an incredible discography comparable to the likes of Whitney and Mariah, and seems to have no sign of stopping.

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