Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New York Film Critics: Precious Backlash?

As reviews for the highly-anticipated Precious role in, I am shocked by the backlash that is occuring among a certain group of critics: New Yorkers. Set in Harlem, a story of struggle and eventually triumph kind of has New York written all over it. Despite a decent review in Village Voice, the critics of the Big Apple such as Keith Uhilich of Time Out New York, Anthony Lane of The New Yorker, and David Edelstein of New York Magazine, have brought down the Metacritic score to a 57 with 6 reviews up. Will these bad reviews but respectable critics hurt its Oscar chances? No. First off, the New York based Gothan Awards also snubbed it, so it may just be a regional thing. Second off, there are other publications from New York that have yet to post reviews, and most importantly, the rest of the country's major critics are loving it. It just happens that these are some of the first reviews calculated into the score, and there are plenty more great ones to come. Precious is setting Hollywood on fire, and I think it's going to take a very sturdy brick wall to stop its momentum.

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