Friday, November 6, 2009

Bookoos of Updates

1. New Sherlock Holmes trailer makes it appear to be similar to the first Pirates of the Caribbean, which is a heavy compliment. More importantly, early screeners of the film have cheered it saying that it exceeded expectations. From the looks of it Sherlock Holmes as well as Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and Rachel McAdams, could be last minute spoilers in the Oscar race.

2. With the failure of Amelia, it looks as if Fox Searchlight has looked to another vehicle, Crazy Heart. Now that it has a release date of December 16th, the blogosphere is bursting from the seams claiming that Jeff Bridges is not a lock for another Oscar nomination. Word is that Maggie Gyllenhaal, who is WAY overdue could also join the pack...we'll see!

3. Another late entry appears to be Sandra Bullock for The Blind Side. I've always liked Bullock and felt that if she could just find the right vehicle, she would get some recognition. Early word is that she is fantastic in the movie, and that it could be just the right vehicle to push her to her first Oscar nomination.

4. For all those who thought Robert DeNiro could make it into the derby again, word is that Everybody's Fine is a mess, and so goes his chances as well as the rest of the cast.

5. (500) Days of Summer is getting a big push from the studio, which is wonderful! They hope to have another Little Miss Sunshine or Juno on their hands.

6. Saoirse Ronan is also getting a lot of buzz for Best Actress, because word is she is in almost every scene of the movie; all we need now are reviews.

7. Two new entries into the Animated Feature category have pushed the number to 17, meaning that in this great year for animation, we now have a great possibility of 4 or 5 nominees.

8. Finally the reviews are starting to make sense! This morning Precious sits at a 76 on Metacritic, an 89 at BFCA, and an 86% (88% with Top Critics) Freshness at RT. We can all breathe now, its back in...

Whew! Told you it was a lot...

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