Tuesday, September 4, 2018

2018 Emmy Predictions: Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Will Win - Alex Borstein "Will & Grace"

Could Win - Kate McKinnon "Saturday Night Live", Laurie Metcalf "Roseanne", or Megan Mulally "Will & Grace"

Should Win - Borstein or Mulally

Commentary - This race was so competitive that it took eight nominees to accommodate all of the actresses voters loved this year. I think that half of those nominees have a real shot at winning. Laurie Metcalf could easily get a big moment at the Emmy in the wake of the Roseanne controversy, which would also be a great lead-in to the Roseanne-less The Conners that premieres in October. She is a beloved Emmy favorite who has won for this role before, and there could be a movement in the Academy to reward the cast members burned by Barr's actions. They did the same thing with Jon Cryer the season after Charlie Sheen left Two and a Half Men. Another contender that has won for her character before is Megan Mulally. While Will & Grace sadly missed out at top categories, they made room for Mulally, who is beloved among these voters. If the episodes still mean anything, her turn in Rosie's Quinceanara was easily the best of the bunch. Of course, you cannot leave out Kate McKinnon. A lot of folks are predicting her to win a third, which is a smart move. Emmy voters love repeats, and she is a standout. I think two things are working against her this year. SNL definitely lost steam this season after its glorious election season, there is a lot stiffer competition this year, and there are now two other competitors from SNL that could pull votes away. That didn't stop her last year, but then again, she was unstoppable last year due to her Hillary Clinton. I don't know if she has the same kind of buzz and support this time around. I think all of this paves the way for Alex Borstein. Her series is nominated for Comedy Series unlike Mulally and Metcalf, and it is one of the two front runners who could prevail in the top prize. She is a beloved veteran in this industry, who even popped back into the Voice Over category after missing out for several years. I think this shows she is on voters minds. She apparently has be working the circuit as Amazon is making a huge push for the show, has been charming voters, and she is fantastic in the show. In a close race, I pick Borstein for the win.

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