Friday, June 30, 2017

2017 Emmy Nomination Predictions - Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series

2017 Nomination Predictions
Gillian Anderson "American Gods"
Alexis Bledel "The Handmaid's Tale"
Kristin Chenoweth "American Gods"
Ann Dowd "The Leftovers"
Carrie Preston "The Good Fight"
Alison Wright "The Americans"

Other Contenders - Cicely Tyson "How to Get Away With Murder", Laverne Cox "Orange is the New Black", Cloris Leachman "American Gods", Adina Porter "Underground", Shannon Purser "Stranger Things", Kim Dickens "House of Cards", Mary-Louise Parker "Billions", Jane Lynch "The Good Fight", Sarah Silverman "Masters of Sex", LaTanya Jackson Richardson "Grey's Anatomy", Judy Greer "Masters of Sex", Rihanna "Bates Motel", Nina Hoss "Homeland"

Commentary - This race has so many past contenders lurking, I just don't know if the Academy is going to respond again. Laverne Cox was nominated on the Comedy side for the first season, but every season it seems to get worse and worse for Orange is the New Black at the Emmys. Cicely Tyson is a living legend, but her snub last year makes me think voters have moved on from How to Get Away with Murder. Even Viola is not a safe bet this year. Finally, I am concerned about the possibility of Cloris Leachman. She is a Emmy record holder and seems to get nominated for everything. Except it has been since 2011 since she has received an Emmy nomination, and there has been ample opportunity. Make voters are ready to move on from honoring her on an annual basis. That leaves five without those three in the picture. We are not sure how American Gods will do across the board, but its buzz was at the right moment. I think that both Kristin Chenoweth and Gillian Anderson, previous Emmy winners, made enough of a splash in the media and in the buzz to both get nods. Carrie Preston has won for this role before, Alison Wright could finally get recognized as The Americans seems to grow each year, Ann Dowd is a veteran who could rive a Leftovers' wave, and finally, Alexis Bledel, who is going to to be bumped to a series regular next year, made enough of an effect to earn her first Emmy nod. Also watch out for upsets from Mary-Louise Parker, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman, Kim Dickens, and yes, even Rihanna.

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