Friday, October 30, 2015

19th Annual Hollywood Film Award Winners

I have been going back and forth on whether I should even acknowledge these "awards", especially after last year's ceremony was such a disaster. But we are early on in award's season, there is not as much to report as there will be by the end of next month, and screw it, at least it is something to keep our interest peaked until more of the substantive groups start to weigh in.

Hollywood Career Achievement Award
Robert DeNiro

Hollywood Producer Award
Ridley Scott "The Martian"

Hollywood Director Award
Tom Hooper "The Danish Girl"

Hollywood Actor Award
Will Smith "Concussion"

Hollywood Actress Award
Carey Mulligan "Suffragette"

Hollywood Supporting Actor Award
Benicio Del Toro "Sicario"

Hollywood Supporting Actress Award
Jane Fonda "Youth"

Hollywood Breakout Actor Award
Joel Edgerton "Black Mass"

Hollywood Breakout Actress Award
Alicia Vikander "The Danish Girl"

New Hollywood Award
Saoirse Ronan "Brooklyn"

Hollywood Ensemble Award
Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight

Hollywood Comedy Award
Amy Schumer "Trainwreck"

Hollywood Breakthrough Director Award
Adam McKay "The Big Short"

Hollywood Screenwriter Award
Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer "Spotlight"

Hollywood Blockbuster Award
Furious 7

Hollywood Song Award
Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth "See You Again" from "Furious 7"

Hollywood Documentary Award
Asif Kapadia "Amy"

Hollywood Animation Award
Pete Docter "Inside Out"

Hollywood Cinematography Award
Janusz Kaminski "Bridge of Spies"

Hollywood Film Composer Award
Alexandre Desplat "The Danish Girl" and "Suffragette"

Hollywood Editor Award
David Rosenbloom "Black Mass"

Hollywood Visual Effects Award
Tim Alexander "Jurassic World"

Hollywood Sound Award
Gary Rydstrom "Bridge of Spies"

Hollywood Costume Design Award
Sandy Powell "Cinderella"

Hollywood Make-Up and Hair Styling Award
Lesley Vanderwalt "Mad Max: Fury Road"

Hollywood Production Design Award
Colin Gibson "Mad Max: Fury Road"

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