Thursday, October 9, 2014

83 Films Compete for Foreign Language Film Oscar

The Academy today announced its finalists for the upcoming Oscars for the Best Foreign Language Film category. 83 is a record for the number of countries, and includes some first time contenders. Check out the full list below:

Afghanistan -  “A Few Cubic Meters of Love”
Argentina - “Wild Tales”
Australia - “Charlie’s Country”
Austria - “The Dark Valley”
Azerbaijan - “Nabat”
Bangladesh -  “Glow of the Firefly"
Belgium - “Two Days, One Night”
Bolivia - “Forgotten”
Bosnia and Herzegovina - “With Mom”
Brazil - “The Way He Looks”
Bulgaria - “Bulgarian Rhapsody”
Canada - “Mommy”
Chile - “To Kill a Man”
China  - “The Nightingale”
Colombia - “Mateo”
Costa Rica - “Red Princesses”
Croatia - “Cowboys”
Cuba - “Conducta"
Czech Republic - “Fair Play"
Denmark - “Sorrow and Joy"
Dominican Republic - “Cristo Rey'
Ecuador - “Silence in Dreamland"
Egypt -  “Factory Girl"
Estonia - “Tangerines"
Ethiopia - “Difret"
Finland - “Concrete Night"
France - “Saint Laurent"
Georgia - “Corn Island"
Germany - “Beloved Sisters"
Greece - “Little England"
Hong Kong - “The Golden Era"
Hungary -  “White God"
Iceland - “Life in a Fishbowl"
India - “Liar’s Dice"
Indonesia -  “Soekarno"
Iran - “Today"
Iraq - “Mardan"
Ireland - “The Gift"
Israel - “Gett, the Trial of Viviane Amsalem"
Italy - “Human Capital"
Japan - “The Light Shines Only There"
Kosovo -  “Three Windows and a Hanging"
Kyrgyzstan - “Kurmanjan Datka Queen of the Mountains"
Latvia - “Rocks in My Pockets"
Lebanon - “Ghadi"
Lithuania - “The Gambler"
Luxembourg - “Never Die Young"
Macedonia - “To the Hilt"
Malta - “Simshar"
Mauritania -  “Timbuktu"
Mexico - “Cantinflas"
Moldova - “The Unsaved,” Igor Cobileanski"
Montenegro - “The Kids from the Marx and Engels Street"
Morocco, “The Red Moon,”
Nepal - “Jhola”
Netherlands - “Accused”
New Zealand - “The Dead Lands"
Norway -  “1001 Grams”
Pakistan - “Dukhtar"
Palestine - “Eyes of a Thief”
Panama - “Invasion"
Peru - “The Gospel of the Flesh”
Philippines - “Norte, the End of History”
Poland - “Ida”
Portugal - “What Now? Remind Me”
Romania - “The Japanese Dog”
Russia - “Leviathan”
Serbia - “See You in Montevideo”
Singapore - “Sayang Disayang”
Slovakia - “A Step into the Dark”
Slovenia - “Seduce Me”
South Africa - “Elelwani”
South Korea - “Haemoo”
Spain - “Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed”
Sweden, “Force Majeure”
Switzerland - “The Circle”
Taiwan - “Ice Poison”
Thailand -“The Teacher’s Diary”
Turkey - “Winter Sleep”
Ukraine - “The Guide”
United Kingdom - “Little Happiness”
Uruguay - “Mr. Kaplan”
Venezuela - “The Liberator”

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