Sunday, September 12, 2010

Toronto: The Conspirator, Conviction, and Hereafter

Well, some new films finally have some reviews, so here is a look:

The Conspirator - Robert Redford's latest still doesn't have a distributer, but is getting solid reviews. An historical drama with some big names, and solid/good reviews could be enough to push it into Oscar territory, especially if this turns out to be a weak year. Although we already have a lot of contenders.

Kirk Honeycutt at The Hollywood Reporter:

"Redford does a good job in developing the drama and making one of the least sympathetic women in American history into something of a heroine. But the film largely rests on a character played with considerable emotional energy by James McAvoy, Union veteran and war hero Frederick Aiken, who as a new lawyer defended Mary Surratt, one of four individuals charged in the conspiracy after John Wilkes Booth was shot trying to escape arrest"

Here are two quick notes about two other movies that we still don't know much about:

Conviction - Not sure about the rest of the movie, but Sam Rockwell could get really get some attention for Best Supporting Actor according to early reports.

Hereafter - The embargo on reviews is still up, but some audience reactions have leaked, and its a mixed bag, meaning it could divide audiences, but maybe not critics?

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