Saturday, September 11, 2010

Venice Winners: Somewhere takes the Top Prize

Lukewarm reviews of Sofia Coppola's latest Somewhere had some pundits automatically writing it off. Well at least in Europe, they are apparently loving it. I'm not sure what Oscar chances it has but there are a lot of Europeans in the Academy, and it could still snag a BP nod. Here are the festival winners:

Venice Palmares

Golden Lion: Somewhere, Sofia Coppola

Silver Lion: Balada triste de trompeta, Álex de la Iglesia,

Special Prize: Essential Killing, Jerzy Skolimowsi.

Coppa Volpi (Best Actor): Vincent Gallo, Essential Killing

Coppa Volpi (Best Actress): Ariane Labed, Attenberg

Marcello Mastroianni Award (Best Young Actor & Actress): Mila Kunis, Black Swan

Osella (Best Screenplay): A Sad Trumpet Ballad, Álex de la Iglesia

Osella (Best Cinematography): Mikhail Krichman, Silent Souls

Special Lion for Overall Work: Monte Hellman

European Cinema Award: The Clink of Ice

Leoncino d’Oro (Golden Lion Cub): Barney’s Vision

Queer Lion (best gay film): In the Future


  1. suprised as the Somewhere win - but hey - if it's a good award contender that's great - it's looking like a Super WEAK film year so I will be excited for anything that's good and creates some texture to the film year.

  2. I agree....and I actually think that Somewhere could really surprise people and become a dark horse Oscar contender.