Thursday, April 22, 2010

Top 50 Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Comic Book Movies of All Time: Final Part

1. The Wizard of Oz – Well, the time has come. After weeks of countdown we are finally at number one, and the question remains: did you really think it would be anything else? In 1939, we were swept up in the tornado with Dorothy and transformed to the incredible world of Oz. The Wizard of Oz, in its times, was a technical marvel, and to this day is one of the most beautiful films that has ever graced the screen. But we didn’t love it because it was pretty, we loved it for the lovable characters, the astounding music, the thrilling story, and of course Judy Garland. While she was gone from us way too soon, we will always be left with this endearing performance. I could go on for pages about this movie, but that would be a waste, because everyone in the known world has seen it, and loved it. For now, I think it is easier to say that The Wizard of Oz is quite simply, the best.

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