Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Emmy Top Ten Lists: Guest Acting

This will probably be my last post till next week, and even then, it may be two weeks before I get much of anything up. For these categories I did a quick list, other categories will have more in-depth analysis. For now enjoy, and I will continue Emmy coverage once the craziness of exam week is over.

Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series

1. Tina Fey “SNL”
2. Betty White “SNL”
3. Lisa Kudrow “Cougar Town”
4. Kristin Chenoweth “Glee”
5. Kathy Bates “The Office”
6. Elaine Stritch “30 Rock”
7. Julianne Moore “30 Rock”
8. Catherine O’Hara “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
9. Julia-Louis Dreyfuss “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
10. Christine Baranski “The Big Bang Theory”

Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

1. Neil Patrick Harris “Glee”
2. Jon Hamm “SNL”
3. Matt Damon “30 Rock”
4. Edward Norton “Modern Family”
5. Carl Reiner “Two and a Half Men”
6. Will Arnett “30 Rock”
7. Jason Alexander “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
8. Eli Wallach “Nurse Jackie”
9. Jerry Seinfeld “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
10. Jack Black “Community”

Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series

1. Lily Tomlin “Damages” (either here or supporting)
2. Sissy Spacek “Big Love”
3. Sharon Stone “Law & Order: SVU”
4. Elisabeth Moss “Mercy”
5. Cloris Leachman “HawthoRNe”
6. Mary McDonnell “The Closer”
7. Vanessa Redgrave “Nip/Tuck”
8. Isabelle Huppert “Law & Order: SVU”
9. Evan Rachel Wood “True Blood”
10. Gena Reynolds “NCIS”

Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series

1. Michael J. Fox “Rescue Me”
2. Ted Danson “Damages”
3. Beau Bridges “The Closer”
4. John Lithgow “Dexter”
5. Zeljko Ivanek “Big Love”
6. James Earl Jones “House”
7. Andre Braughter “House”
8. Martin Landau “In Plain Sight”
9. Joel Grey “Grey’s Anatomy”
10. F. Murray Abraham “Saving Grace”

Commentary: To be honest, these Guest spots are hard to pick in terms of nominations and winners, so here is simply a look at the ten I think have the best shot, although there are plenty of other candidates in each category. When we get to the big categories I will do a more in depth analysis, but for now a list will suffice.

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