Monday, June 25, 2018

2018 Emmy Nomination Predictions - Best Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie

2018 Nomination Predictions
Antonio Banderas "Genius: Picasso"
Darren Criss "American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace"
Benedict Cumberbatch "Patrick Melrose"
Jeff Daniels "The Looming Tower"
Kyle MacLachlan "Twin Peaks"
Al Pacino "Paterno"

Other Contenders - Michael B. Jordan "Fahrenheit 451", Jesse Plemmons "Black Mirror: U.S.S. Callister", Evan Peters "American Horror Story: Cult", Daniel Bruhl "The Alienst", Michael Shannon "Waco", John Legend "Jesus Christ Superstar", Jimmy Tatro "American Vandal", Kevin Kline "Present Laughter", Matthew McFayden "Howard's End", Jack O'Connell "The Looming Tower"

Commentary - I think there are eight potentials for six slots in a pretty competitive race. Darren Criss, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Al Pacino seem like locks based on the projects, name recognition, and performances. I also think Kyle MacLachlan will make it in for the Twin Peaks reboot. The last two slots seem tricky. Jeff Daniels should be a shoo-in for The Looming Tower, but with his supporting performance as well, voters may rally behind that performance and go for someone else here. The new season of Genius focusing on Picasso has had mixed reviews, but Antonio Banderas has been well-received, and it is the type of performance that brings awards attention. But there are two others that could inspire votes. After his Emmy nomination for Fargo, Jesse Plemmons could score another nod for Black Mirror which could rise in nominations after its big win last year. And while Fahrenheit 451 was not well-received, Michael B. Jordan is so popular and is having such a banner year with Black Panther and Creed 2, I could see voters rewarding his star power. Beyond those eight, watch out for Evan Peters, Daniel Bruhl, Michael Shannon, John Legend, Matthew McFayden, and the truly deserving Jimmy Tatro and Kevin Kline.

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