Wednesday, June 27, 2018

2018 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Limited Series and Made for Television Movie

Best Limited Series
American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace
Howard's End
The Looming Tower
Twin Peaks

Other Contenders - Top of the Lake: China Girl, American Vandal, Patrick Melrose, Genius: Picasso, The Sinner, The Alienst, Alias Grace, American Horror Story: Cult, Little Women, The Terror, Collateral, Seven Seconds, The Long Road Home, The Girlfriend Expierence

Commentary - This race may not have as many big time contenders as recent years, but it is still could make for an interesting race to five. American Crime Story looks to once again dominate, and it benefits from a weaker year. Godless and Twin Peaks both made enough of a splash, as did The Looming Tower. The newest contender, Howard's End, will it in well with the British and British-loving crowd. But that leaves out Top of the Lake. It's second outing was far less popular and well-received, but it should not be ignored. Patrick Melrose has great reviews, and could easily get in, a could Alias Grace, The Sinner, The Alienst, and the latest season of Genius. The one to watch for is American Vandal. It is not the most traditional nominee, but Netflix is behind it, and it was well-received. Knowing these voters, I am not predicting it, but I hope I am wrong.

Best Made for Television Movie
Black Mirror: U.S.S. Callister
Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams: The Commuter
The Tale

Other Contenders - The Child in Time, Fahrenheit 451, Notes from the Field, George Gently and the New Age, I Am Elizabeth Smart, Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Time, Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams: Kill All Others

Commentary - Last year, Black Mirror won, and they are back again with the same successful strategy. The biggest competition for it this year is The Tale, which is really a great film and you should never discount HBO. Paterno and Flint are not the best films, but they are solid enough and have big enough names attached. The final slot will probably go to The Commuter episode of Electric Dreams, a solid Amazon miniseries, with a lot of publicity behind it. Beyond those five there are two quality productions, Notes from the Field and The Child in Time, who would greatly improve the overall quality of this category, but neither were probably big enough to grab the attention of Emmy voters. Despite poor reviews, HBO and star power could bring Fahrenheit 451 into the fold.After than, the only one I think could get in is George Gently and the New Age, but once again, have enough folks seen it?

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