Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The National Board of Review (NBR) Announces 2017 Awards Date

After this, my guess is that the New York Film Critics Circle will announce their date, just slightly ahead of the National Board of Review, as those two continually try to outmatch each other on who is first. Of course, neither picked the ultimate winner of Moonlight, so maybe being first is not always best.  

Anyway, no matter what it looks like these two groups are going to battle for first, with the NBR setting its announcement date for November 28, 2017, and its ceremony or gala for January 4th. It really does feel like Oscar season never really ends. Between all of these dates being announced for this, SAG, the Globes, and others, early success like Logan, and SXSW, it feels like this new year has already started.

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