Monday, September 19, 2016

2016 Emmys: The Good and The Bad

Here are my final thoughts on this Emmy Season:

The Good
The new plurality voting system meant that while there were some repeat winners, that there were also some great surprises that showed that a passionate fan base can propel unlikely winners to surprise victories. So you had some big shockers like Louie Anderson, Tatiana Maslany, and Ben Mendelsohn. These are performances that made the nomination cut despite real lack of support across the board for their shows, and used that same passion to get them surprise Emmys. Kate McKinnon was a bit of a surprise as Allison Janney looked to continue her dominance. But her win, while so deserving wasn't that shocking as her star power shot upward this year due to SNL and Ghostbusters. I was so thrilled to see the trio of O.J Simpson stars win, particularly the fantastic Sarah Paulson, who is finally, FINALLY, an Emmy winner. I was happy to see Amy Poehler finally win an Emmy, RuPaul getting a surprise win, and Peter Scolari overcoming missing the cut the first time to win for a great role on Girls. I also enjoyed the ceremony, with Kimmel doing a great job, and with them moving along at a nice clip, ending at exactly 11 as planned. For someone with a long week ahead, it is nice when they end as promised.

The Bad
The damn Emmys cannot make up their minds about the stupid clip packages, and it makes it seem like some categories are more important than others. Either do it for all of them, or do it for none of them, but stick with one or the other. Also, some of the repeat winners bothered me. I think Transparent is a great and important show, but it is not a comedy, and it bothers me when funnier shows or performances are getting passed over in comedy categories for a glorified drama. Also, while I liked the surprises this year, episodes need to either matter or they don't need to matter, but year after year they keep tweaking. Part of me loves the fact that they recognize problems and try to fix them, but after a while it feels like their shooting in the dark hoping to land on a system that really works.

This has been an interesting season for me, and I want to take a moment to apologize. With my summer session of grad school, and my library's summer reading program, I have not been as committed to this season, which is probably why I don't have as much to say. But I promise to pull it together for Oscar season, which begins after tonight (at least officially without Emmy interruption). Thank you all for sticking by me through everything, and I hope you are as excited about Oscar season as I am.

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