Wednesday, September 14, 2016

2016 Emmy Prediction: Best Actor in a Drama Series

Will Win - Kevin Spacey "House of Cards"

Could Win - Rami Malek "Mr. Robot"

Should Win - Either of them

Commentary - I like the race that is brewing in this category, and I feel like either way they go, they are rewarding something great. First, you have the newcomer Rami Malek. In the old tapes system, his subtlety would have doomed him. But as populism takes over, the smash hit that is Mr. Robot, and him in the lead could lead him to a well-deserved Emmy win. Then there is Kevin Spacey. He is the two-time Oscar winning legend, who has created an iconic television character in Frank Underwood, but has had to sit and wait his turn with Bryan Cranston and Jon Hamm soaked up their glory. It is his turn at the podium. This is an interesting race, and honestly, who wins might tells us more about how voting has changed, and how the membership of the Academy has changed as well. I am sticking with the better tape in Spacey (at least the more obvious tape, which usually helps), the movie star status, and his seemingly beloved status among his peers (look no further than his SAG wins). Furthermore, House of Cards is clearly beloved by the acting branch as it earned seven nominations versus only one for Mr. Robot. In a close race, I pick the safer choice, and say that Kevin Spacey will finally be an Emmy winner.

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