Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2016 Venice Film Festival: La La Land Lands With Massive Oscar Potential

The Venice Film Festival kicked off, which to me is the real start of Oscar season. First, let me say this: Thank GOD! It has been a long summer, and I am glad that the Oscar race has returned to hopefully bring me sanity once again. Well, Oscar season is off to a bang with Damien Chazelle's latest, La La Land. Oscar voters loved Whiplash, and rightfully so, it was masterful. But, according to reviews, Chazelle has surpassed his first previous work. The variety of reviews that have been release so far have ranged from masterpiece to incredible, to Oscar front runner. Also mentioned heavily are the two main leads, with Stone taking the most praise. The Oscar season is young, and there are a lot of movies left to see. But so far, as the fall festivals kick into gear, La La Land has set a high bar for what is sure to be yet another fabulous Oscar season. To quote Frank Underwood: "welcome back".

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