Friday, August 19, 2016

2016 Emmy Predictions: Best Variety Special and Best Special Class Program

Best Variety Special
Will Win - The Kennedy Center Honors

Could Win - Lemonade, Adele Live in New York City, or Amy Schumer: Live at The Apollo

Should Win - The Kennedy Center Honors

Commentary - This is an interesting this year. The Kennedy Center Honors always does well here, and this year, they actually deserve an award, for their most entertaining and emotionally effective celebration in years, capped off with a legendary Aretha Franklin performance. But there is some stiff competition. Amy Schumer has a great stand up special, and music's two biggest stars Adele and Beyonce have huge entries. I think the music vote cancels out, and the grandeur of the Kennedy Center beats the smaller comedy set of Schumer. But it's not over until the envelope opens.

Best Special Class Program
Will Win - The Tony Awards

Could Win - Grease Live!

Should Win - The Tony Awards

Commentary - I'm sorry, but if they were going to reward one of the live musicals this year, it should have been The Wiz Live, not Grease Live, and yet here we are, with it possibly stealing away an Emmy from the perennial favorite The Tony Awards. There is a reason though that the Tonys are a perennial favorite. That is because, of the big four, they are the most entertaining, the best balance of performance and awards, and always brighten up the dog days of summer television. I am sticking with the favorite here, knowing how Emmy voters operate. Unfortunately, Grease Live is closing in.

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