Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016 Emmy Predictions: Best Unstructured and Structured Reality Program

Best Structured Reality Program
Will Win - Shark Tank

Could Win - Undercover Boss or Lip Sync Battle

Should Win - Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

Commentary - I know people have mixed feelings about Guy Fieri, but I freaking love Triple DDD. It is a great show that highlights underground gems across the US. It has no chance of winning this award, but I thought it should be said. Shark Tank won this last year, and they usually go with a show for a while. But Undercover Boss has done well here before, and Lip Sync Battle is a cultural phenomenon, so it is not a done deal.

Best Unstructured Reality Program
Will Win - Deadliest Catch

Could Win- Born This Way, Project Greenlight, or Intervention

Should Win - United Shades of America

Commentary - This race only brings back two of the nominees from last year, of course the two that have historically done well in reality categories. The new projects nominated all are intriguing picks that could shakeup what has otherwise been a stagnant section of the Emmys. That being said, I am sticking with what I know and picking Deadliest Catch, a long time Emmy favorite whose popularity has yet to slow. That being said, watch out for Born This Way, the return of Project Greenlight (which used to be a favorite among these voters), and the previously mentioned Born This Way. For the record, I hope that United Shades of America gets a notice.

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