Thursday, July 21, 2016

Peter Scolari for Girls to Replace Peter MacNicol in Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

So apparently, after Peter MacNicol appeared in an extra episode (something that was caught by the users and editors at GoldDerby), he became ineligible for the Guest Acting race based on the new 50% of episodes rule the Television Academy introduced last year. The Academy announced that they were rescinding his nomination, and replacing him with the next vote-getter. Today the Academy announced that Peter Scolari for Girls. I am thrilled for Scolari, as Girls had a great season, and his character's struggles with coming out provided a lot of emotional heft over the last two seasons. But something just feels off about this. The Academy made a mistake and didn't catch the mistake before the nominations were announced, and it wasn't like MacNicol tried to violate the rules. When he submitted, he qualified. This is not the Alone Yet Not Alone controversy where the songwriter used his influence in the wrong way, and therefore violating Academy rules. If I were the Academy, I would have honored the original nomination and just added Scolari. I personally hope that this 50% rule will get a second look as well. I know that shows were abusing the old system, submitting actors that were clearly supporting (some appeared in every episode of a season), but knew they had a better chance in guest. But this rule is almost too far in the other direction, so much that one extra episode of a clearly guest performance can cost a worthy nominee his honor. Normally, I appreciate the Television Academy for constantly changing things as they see fit, and not waiting too long like their film counterparts, but they might need to fix this one soon.

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