Saturday, July 2, 2016

2016 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series

2016 Nomination Predictions
Beau Bridges "Bloodline"
Reg E. Cathey "House of Cards"
Josh Charles "The Good Wife"
Michael J. Fox "The Good Wife"
Blair Underwood "The Good Wife"
Max Von Sydow "Game of Thrones"

Other Contenders - Pablo Schreiber "Orange is the New Black", BD Wong "Mr. Robot", Reed Birney "House of Cards", Jussie Smollett "Underground", John Carroll Lynch "The Walking Dead", Jeffrey Dean Morgan "The Walking Dead", Tom Hardy "Peaky Blinders", Mark Margolis "The Affair", David Strathairn "House of Cards", Richard Armitage "Hannibal", Denis O'Hare "The Good Wife", Hank Azaria "Ray Donovan", John Cameron Mitchell "Vinyl", Brian Stokes Mitchell "Mr. Robot", Paul Sparks "House of Cards", Teddy Sears "Masters of Sex"

Commentary - The legendary Max von Sydow and Game of Thrones? I would be surprised if that combination didn't equal Emmy nomination. The Good Wife has a trifecta of contenders, and while it may seem crazy that all three get in, I honestly see it happening. Reg E. Cathey won last year, and Beau Bridges gets at least one Emmy nod a year these days. That leaves Pablo Schreiber, a nominee last year on the outside, and Critics Choice nominee BD Wong, a nomination that could signal down the ballot strength for Mr. Robot. The Walking Dead duo has gotten a lot of press, but this show has never done well with Emmy voters. The rest of contenders feel like outside shots, except for maybe Ton Hardy, Mark Margolis, and Reed Birney.

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