Friday, March 4, 2016

Primetime Emmys Add New Categories and Expand Others for 2016 Ceremony

Unlike the Oscars, who I think might go back to ten total nominees this year in light of all the recent controversies, the Emmys are constantly changing their categories, adding new ones to reflect new television trends, and expanding existing categories to include the increase in overall content across now a multitude of mediums. 2016 is no exception, as Emmy season has officially launched with a bunch of new announcements out of the Television Academy.

1) The writing and directing categories for comedy and drama, which had remained at five nominees despite changes in the program and acting categories, will now feature six nominees instead of the usual five!

2) The Short Form categories are getting a huge makeover. The short form program categories will now be: Best Short Form Series - Comedy or Drama, Outstanding Short Series - Variety, and Outstanding Short Series Reality/Nonfiction. The biggest addition will be two acting categories to these short programs. Best Actor and Best Actress in a Short Form Series are now categories.

3) There will be no ranked voting anymore. The voters will simply pick a winner, and the most votes in the nomination round will determine a tie.

4) A Series will now have to remain in Comedy and Drama, even if it no longer has the minimum number of episodes required. Aka The Big C moving to limited series.

5) Special visual effects is now a two-step nomination process, and costumes for reality/nonfiction is no longer juried.

6) Also Variety directing is now two categories for Talk and Sketch. Why this was not extended to the writing categories is weird, but alas, this will probably happen soon enough.

All in all, not any major changes, but still glad to see the Emmys try to keep up with the changing world. Oscars take note!

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