Saturday, March 26, 2016

2016 MTV Movie Award Predictions: Best Documentary Film

Will Win - Amy

Could Win - He Named Me Malala or The Hunting Ground

Should Win - Amy

Commentary - It's nice to see the MTV Movie Awards growing up a bit. No more Scared as Shit performance or Shirtless Performance, and in there place is Best Documentary Film. Then you look at the nominees, and you see six worthy nominees. This category probably won't last long, because it is not as exciting or ridiculous as other more attention grabbing categories, but I hope it does last. Amy is the Oscar winner, and probably the most popular of the bunch. But don't discount this new MTV Generation going their own way. He Named Me Malala could do well among the younger set of voters, and The Hunting Ground might strike a chord with the college folks. I still think Amy continues its dominance, but this is not the Oscars, so predictors beware.

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