Friday, May 2, 2014

2014 Emmy Contenders: Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

2014 Contenders
Julie Bowen "Modern Family"
Sofia Vergara "Modern Family"
Allison Janney "Mom"
Mayim Bialik "The Big Bang Theory"
Merritt Wever "Nurse Jackie"
Jane Lynch "Glee"
Anna Chlumsky "Veep"
Kaley Cuoco "The Big Bang Theory"
Melissa Rauch "The Big Bang Theory"
Margo Martindale "The Millers"
Kate Mulgrew "Orange is the New Black"
Laura Prepon "Orange is the New Black"
Chelsea Perretti "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
Allison Williams "Girls"
Zosia Mamet "Girls"
Betty White "Hot in Cleveland"
Rhea Perlman "Kirstie"
Cloris Leachman "Raising Hope"
Susan Lucci "Devious Maids"
Linda Lavin "Sean Saves the World"
Aidy Bryant "SNL"
Cecily Strong "SNL"
Kate McKinnon "SNL"
Vanessa Bayer "SNL"
Nasim Pedrad "SNL"
Amy Schumer "Inside Amy Schumer"
Kaitlin Olsen "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
Alex Borstein "Getting On"
Niecy Nash "Getting On"
Crisin Milloti "How I Met Your Mother"
Alyson Hannigan "How I Met Your Mother"
Aubrey Plaza "Parks & Recreation"
Retta "Parks & Recreation"
Allison Brie "Community"
Eden Sher "The Middle"
Kristen Bell "House of Lies"
Stephanie Beatriz "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
Melissa Fumero "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
Sufe Bradshaw "Veep"

Commentary - With Jane Krakowski exiting the race, it would seem like the six other women nominated last year would gracefully move into this year's race without much interruption. But there will most likely be a huge interruption in the former of Allison Janney. Whatever you think of Mom (I think it is better than most people give it credit), no one can deny the power of Janney on that show. She steals every scene she is in, has a plethora of episodes to choose from if she is nominated, and it doesn't hurt that she already has a butt load of Emmys on her mantle for her iconic role as C.J. in The West Wing. Since I highly doubt there will be seven nominations two years in a row, who does she bump out? Modern Family, despite public fatigue, is still extremely popular, and it is actually having a better season this year, so I expect Vergara and Bowen will be back. Also expect Mayim Bialik, who got a coveted SAG nod this year (remember they combine lead and supporting) to return. Merritt Wever surprised all of last year with her win, but remember, they have snubbed recent winners before, and this category has enough tough contenders that she is a not a lock to come back. Anna Chlumsky has already had more screen time this season as Veep moves more toward an ensemble piece. As that show continues to rise, I expect its cast to continue to get more nominations. But once again, in a tough race, she is not a guarantee. The other nominee from last year fighting to get back in is Jane Lynch. After a year of missing out, she was certainly a surprise nominee. But this year, she has had more story lines, more screen time, and her recent appearance in New York for Rachel's opening night of Funny Girl was a surprisingly deep and well-acted episode that put a lot of spotlight on Lynch's talent, including her singing talent. But Glee is sliding in the ratings, and if it didn't already have a renewal, it wouldn't have gotten one and despite a surge last year, I don't know if Emmy voters are still paying attention. If they are though, then don't be surprised if her name shows up. So this is an open and shut case then? Seven women, six slots, somebody great loses out? Not necessarily. This is an extremely deep category in terms of contenders, and so it is best we take a look at some other possibilities. The Emmys are always throwing us surprises, right? The first place to look is the slew of veteran contenders in contention this year. Now let's be honest, The Millers, Sean Saves the World, Kirstie, Hot in Cleveland, Devious Maids, and Raising Hope are not the greatest shows on television (although I will say that Raising Hope was hopelessly underrated). But if you take away those show titles and simply say the names: Margo Martindale, Linda Lavin, Rhea Perlman, Betty While, Susan Lucci, and Cloris Leachman, you have a very different reaction. Always look for veterans at the Emmys, because if they like you, they tend to circle back to you. There are always the girls of Girls, and Adam Driver's nod last year proved they do pay attention beyond Lena Dunham. SNL has had a bit of a tough time transitioning this season with all of the new characters, but the women of the show have outdone themselves, my personal favorite being Kate McKinnon. Also in the running, the supporting players of Orange is the New Black, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Veep, Community, Parks & Recreation, and Amy Schumer.

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