Saturday, April 21, 2012

Best of the Academy Awards Winners: Best Animated Feature

Winner - Toy Story 3
Runner Up - Wall-E and Finding Nemo
Commentary - Such a hard choice, with so many incredible Pixar films, and Spirited Away of course, in the running. But in the end I settled on honoring not only the singular film, but the series as a whole. It is hard to make sequels as good as the original, and even harder with part 3. But the Toy Story series has quickly risen to the top of all time trilogies, by making each individual effort special, while also encouraging a sense of a cohesive effort. Toy Story 3 may not be the last of Buzz, Woody, and our friends, but for now, it wins this award as a small wink and nod to the greatest animated film series of time.

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