Saturday, July 17, 2010

If There Had Been Ten: 2002

I'm continuing the series I started last summer, analyzing what would have happened if there had been ten nominees in previous years. I did 2003-2008, and will now be backing up and doing the rest of the 2000's, and maybe even into the 1990s.

The Nominees:

1. Chicago
2. The Pianist
3. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
4. Gangs of New York
5. The Hours

The Next Five:

6. Far From Heaven
7. Adaptation
8. About Schmidt
9. Talk to Her
10. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Other Possibilities:

11. Road to Perdition
12. Bowling For Columbine
13. Catch Me If You Can
14. Spirited Away
15. Minority Report
16. Y Tu Mama Tambien
17. About A Boy

Commentary: There are a few that seemed to be on the cusp of getting nods back in 2002 that would have surely made the list. Far From Heaven was a cinematic masterpiece, and completely underappreciated. But with a Lead Actress nod and a screenplay nod, plus a few technicals, it was pretty popular that year. Adaptation and About Schmidt were great movies that had some great acting and writing, which is usually a winner for Oscar glory. I went with Talk to Her because of the directing/best picture combo. Then came spot number 10. Part of me said to go with Road to Perdition which managed a good many nods, but I went out on the limb, and predicted the surprise of 2002, the hilarious My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It managed a writing nod, and I think it could have pulled a Blind Side type nomination.

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