Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Year of the Docs

With 10 nominees this year, most experts, amateur bloggers (such as myself), and critics have started to look at a variety of movies they would have never considered before. Sci-fi, foreign, and animated films are now being talked about in terms of Best Picture like they never have before. Another group that strikes me as interesting are documentaries. This year has seen some good and popular documentaries. The question is: can one of them take one of the 10 slots? While I'm not currently predicting any to get in, I think this is a question worth keeping in mind. Here are a look at some possible Best Picture nominess from the documentary category.

Capitalism: A Love Story - Even my liberal self thinks Michael Moore is crazy. However, like most people I also think he is a talented filmmaker. While I think this movie is not even comparable to say Bowling for Columbine or Fahrenheit 9/11, I feel that his massive controversial nature and good reviews make this movie one to watch.

Good Hair - While there has been some backlash against this Chris Rock doc, the overall reception has been warm. While the Academy usually goes after the darker subjects, many may find it hard to resist the good nature, and interesting storytelling of this movie. I think it will still get a Documentary nod, but if its fan base is big, anything can happen.

Michael Jackson's This Is It - While it may have missed the mark for the Documentary category, this movie is getting rave reviews, and definitely still has a shot at making the top ten. Also, in the wake of Jackson's death, he is extremely popular, and many may feel that it is appropriate to give him one final honor. I'd keep an eye out for this one.

Anvil! The Story of Anvil/ The Cove - This earlier release got raving reviews, and while time has passed, I think both of them were pretty popular and have a great shot at at least a Doc nomination. If their fan base is passionate, there may be a push to get these into the bigger category, however, I think the three previously mentioned ones are just a little bit newer, and a little bit more exposed, which is a key in Oscar voting.

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