Sunday, May 10, 2020

First 2020 Emmy Nominations - Best Actor in a TV Movie/Limited Series

First 2020 Predictions
Russell Crowe "The Loudest Voice"
Jeremy Irons "Watchmen"
Hugh Jackman "Bad Education" 
Aaron Paul "El Camino"
Mark Ruffalo "I Know This Much is True"
Andrew Scott "Smithereens: Black Mirror"

Other Contenders - Andre Holland "The Eddy", Chris Evans "Defending Jacob", Matthew MacFayden "Quiz", Jeremy Pope "Hollywood", David Corenswet "Hollywood", Paul Mescal "Normal People", Anthony Mackie "Striking Vipers: Black Mirror", Sacha Baron Cohen "The Spy", Morgan Spector "The Plot Against America", Rory Kinnear "Years and Years", Miles Teller "To Old to Die Young"

Commentary - There are not enough slots in Best Actress for all of the contenders, and it makes this category seem a little weak by comparison. It is a top-heavy category, especially in the top five. You have Oscar nominees Mark Ruffalo and Hugh Jackman, Oscar winners Jeremy Irons and Russell Crowe, and multiple Emmy winner Aaron Paul returning the role that won him his multiple Emmys. These five guys will be battling it out for the win, and honestly it could go to any of them. In the six slot, I have stuck in Andrew Scott, based on goodwill, and his multiple wins for Fleabag during the winter awards. Black Mirror has gone downhill so much this season, but voters will see his name, and it may be had to resist. I would love to see Andre Holland or Paul Mescal get in, but they might not have enough recognition. Jeremy Pope and David Corenswet could ride into Emmy glory even though Hollywood is getting some mixed reactions. Also look out for Miles Teller, Rory Kinnear, Morgan Spector, Matthew MacFayden, Anthony Mackie, Chris Evans, and Sacha Baron Cohen. 

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