Sunday, June 30, 2019

2019 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Actor in a TV Movie/Limited Series

2019 Nomination Predictions
Mahershala Ali "True Detective"
Benicio Del Toro "Escape at Dannemora"
Hugh Grant "A Very English Scandal"
Jared Harris "Chernobyl"
Ian McShane "Deadwood: The Movie"
Sam Rockwell "Fosse/Verdon"

Other Contenders - Anthony Hopkins "King Lear", Benedict Cumberbatch "Brexit", Christopher Abbot "Catch-22", Jharrel Jerome "When They See Us", Timothy Olyphant "Deadwood: The Movie", Peter Dinklage "My Dinner with Herve", Ashton Sanders "Native Son", Jonah Hill "Maniac"

Commentary - I feel like the consensus is coalescing around the same six. Of course, there could be surprises, but I have to agree with the consensus on this one. Mahershala Ali could easily follow up his Oscar win with an Emmy for a brilliant performance in True Detective. Sam Rockwell, while not as dynamic as people were hoping, is still a lock for a nod. So is Benicio Del Toro in a huge Emmy contender, Escape from Dannemora. The last couple of contenders are not as solid, but I still think they are in. Hugh Grant was riding high, as was A Very English Scandal, but time has not been kind to the series. Not because it is not great, its just that so much competition has come down the pipe since then. I still think though he is solid for a nomination. Ian McShane was nominated here before for Deadwood, and his scenery chewing should inspire voters once again. Finally, I think that the sudden rise of Chernobyl will help Emmy nominees Jared Harris secure a slot in the top six. Outside those six, there is Anthony Hopkins, he is a legend, and was recently nominated for Westworld. But King Lear is not a top tier contender besides the weak TV Movie category. Same goes for Benedict Cumberbatch. Jharrel Jerome does not have the name recognition, but When They See Us is so popular, you never know. I also am holding out possibility for Dinklage, Sanders, Hill, Olyphant, and Abbot.

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