Thursday, June 27, 2019

2019 Emmy Nomination Predictions: Best Supporting Actor in a TV Movie/Limited Series

2019 Nomination Predictions
Kyle Chandler "Catch-22"
George Clooney "Catch-22"
Paul Dano "Escape at Dannemora"
Stellan Skarsgard "Chernobyl"
Ben Whishaw "A Very English Scandal"
Michael Kenneth Williams "When They See Us"

Other Contenders - Eric Lange "Escape at Dannemora", Gerald McRaney "Deadwood: The Movie", Norbert Leo Butz "Fosse/Verdon", Stephen Dorff "True Detective", John Leguizamo "When They See Us", Chris Messina "Sharp Objects", Brandon Victor Dixon "Rent Live", David Oyelowo "Les Miserables", Jovan Adepo "When They See Us"

Commentary - This is another race where it could go several different ways. I think that Ben Whishaw is in, and is probably the front runner, even though his show is a borderline for the program category. I also feel comfortable with Paul Dano. He is a well-liked veteran in a series with a lot of Emmy potential. In normal years, George Clooney and Kyle Chandler on a ballot would be easy picks. I am still picking them for their personal popularity, but I worry because their show was not as big of a hit as assumed. I think two guys who are rising in this race are Michael Kenneth Williams and Stellan Skarsgard, for the exact opposite reason. They too are popular veterans, but their stocks are high because their shows are set to be big contenders across the board. On the outside we have Eric Lange, who is simply not as well known, Stephen Dorff in a borderline Emmy favorite show, Gerald McRaney (a real dark horse here, especially if voters have seen Deadwood), Norbert Leo Butz (does he do enough on screen for voters?), Brandon Victor Dixon (got in last year, but much more well-received program), the other When the See Us guys (will show depth of popularity), Chris Messica (outshone by his female cast members), and David Oyelowo (Is Les Miserable registering). I think there are some surprises lurking here that could shock all of us come Emmy nomination morning.

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