Monday, May 20, 2019

Cannes 2019: The Lighthouse and Terrence Malick Heat Up Festival

While still waiting on the big Tarantino debut, two more festival films are garnering buzz:

First, after a string of misfires, it looks like Terrence Malick is back to form with his latest A Hidden Life. Billed as a romance, an anti-Nazi story, and a more classic take from the director, critics are praising his work, calling it emotionally effective and resonant, and timely. The question is, how will this resonate with audiences and Oscar voters? Tree of Life managed to get a Best Picture and Best Director nod, showing the love the director's branch has for Malick. Of course, it really is too early to answer the question, but Malick in good form is sure to inspire votes.

The other, maybe even more buzzed project is Robert Eggers' The Lighthouse. Whereas Malick's film has a few detractors, the reviews so far for Eggers' are universally, overwhelmingly positive. Its genre issue, yes films with horror elements still have to work harder to get attention, could prove problematic, but Focus Features could also have a huge awards hit on its slate, especially for its two leads, Dafoe and Pattinson, who are earning raves.

Tarantino this week...the 2020 Oscar race is on!

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