Saturday, September 9, 2017

2017 Emmy Predictions: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Will Win - John Lithgow "The Crown"

Could Win - Ron Cephas Jones "This is Us", David Harbour "Stranger Things", or Jeffrey Wright "Westworld"

Should Win - Ron Cephas Jones "This is Us"

Commentary - John Lithgow has been ahead in this race for months now. He won the SAG, and lost the Golden Globe to an Emmy contender from last. So not much stands in his way right? This category has haunted me the last few years, because it has been forever since I actually got it right. It also has been a category ripe for upsets. Like when Jonathan Banks lost for the first season of Better Call Saul, or Ben Mendelsohn's shocking win last year over Banks and the Game of Thrones guys. That is why I am keeping three other potentials in my back pocket and might even switch one out as we enter the final stretch. First on the list is Ron Cephas Jones, who could be this year's Margo Martindale. He is one that was borderline in getting in, but now that he is, the popularity of his show, and the emotional performance he gives might equal Emmy gold. Jeffrey Wright is fantastic in Westworld, a previous Emmy winner, and could be a harbinger of the show's popularity if he wins. Finally, Stranger Things is on track to potentially win Drama Series, which could pull in David Harbour. I recently re-watched Stranger Things, and was surprised at how good he was. I loved his character, but a second viewing shows a lot of depth and could be the surprise of the night.

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