Monday, November 8, 2010

For Colored Girls: SAG Ensemble Nod?

When I saw the reviews for For Colored Girls (which is on my list, but I have yet to see), I started to have odd flashbacks to another movie that had a large, magnificent cast, but was a bomb with critics. Last year, Rob Marshall's Nine was one of the biggest contenders, but was trashed by critics and failed to make any box office mark. However, the sheer magnitude of its acting presence, and a crafty campaign from the infamous Harvey Weinstein, landed its cast in the Best Ensemble Category at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. After reading the less-than-stellar reviews of For Colored Girls, I wonder if there is still enough momentum to honor the cast, which appears to be the only good thing about the movie. There are some distinct parallels between the two movies, such as well-known director, large, well-liked cast, and incredible source material. Furthermore, its reviews read the same in most instances. The cast was great, but was inhibited by lousy writing and directing.

However there are also distinct differences that confuse the intial question, will the cast of For Colored Girls overcome bad reviews and get a SAG ensemble nod? For one thing, Perry's movie is already done better at the box office, and judging by audience reactions, it will have some staying power. Nine, on the other hand, was rarely seen, and was inhibited by its bad reviews, whereas For Colored Girls has flourished.

The issue of race is one thing that I would like to leave out, but unfortunately should probably mention. If SAG ignores these women, then some will say it is because their black. If SAG rewards these women, some will say its because liberal Hollywood needs to always be politically correct. If this cast gets a nomination, it is because the members of the Screen Actors Guild felt that they deserved it, period. These are some of the finest actresses working today, of any color, and any recognition of their usually underrated work is well-deserved.

Also, while Perry is a nice guy, and well-liked, he doesn't have the experience or reputation that Weinstein does in terms of awards. Perry is a guy that makes movies for the general population to enjoy. Weinstein makes movies to win Oscars, and has gotten pretty good at ramming his movies down the voter's throats, enough that even his bad movies get serious attention, and even worse...Oscar nominations (aka The Reader).  

So in the end, the review for For Colored Girls have put it out of Oscar contention almost completely (Nine got some nods, but mostly tech nods(. But Nine's precedent at the SAG Awards means that the star power of Perry's film will keep it in consideration for that ensemble prize. In the end,  I think it will miss out. Let's face it, the Screen Actors Guild got a lot of flack for the Nine nomination (particularly over Up in the Air), and probably doesn't want any more public ridicule. But until the nominees are annouced, it will be on my list as a possibility, just in case.

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