Monday, February 15, 2010

ACE Eddie Award Winners

To be honest, I think (as i've said before) that The Hurt Locker winning BP will cause a huge effect, mostly negative against the Oscars as out of touch elitists. Now I know that we shouldn't vote for movies because of their box office, but one of the lowest grossing movies of the year winning doesn't do much for ratings. Also, I feel that the Guilds start to hop on a bandwagon completely disregarding actualy merit and following in line with the momentum of the frontrunner. So much for a suspenseful Best Picture race.

Best Editing, Drama: The Hurt Locker
Best Editing, Comedy: The Hangover
Best Editing, Documentary: The Cove
Best Editing, Animated Feature: Up
Best Editing, Miniseries: Grey Gardens
Best Editing, Drama Series: Dexter
Best Editing, Comedy Series: 30 Rock

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